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Annual Events

We host a series of public events annually. Our annual Day of the Dead celebrations, Posadas, Taste of Mexico, and other holiday festivities attract more than 13,000 participants.


In our workshops, participants can experience Mexican arts and culture first-hand. We offer workshops all year round, led by our artists and artisans. We begin with a general historical overview, followed by a hands-on activity or a demonstration of a specific work.


We provide programming in Mexican music, dance, visual arts, verbal arts, and ritual and culinary arts to museums, schools, community organizations, corporations, and other entities throughout New York City. Programs include school assemblies, dance and music presentations, lecture demonstrations, hands-on workshops, and activities on folk art-making for children and adults.

Mano a Mano's staff will help you design a program that best suits your institution's needs and provide talented performing or teaching artists and educational resources to deepen your understanding of the art form.


Mano a Mano provides:

  • Talented Artists.

  • Tailor-made Programs.

  • Pedagogical Support Materials.

  • Affordable Rates. 

  • Translators (as needed).

  • Interpretation (as required).

To book a workshop or lecture demonstration, please get in touch.

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